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We develop smart solutions to support organizations to conduct their activities in a more sustainable way

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Who we are

We assume ourselves as agents of change and innovation in organizations

C-GREEN Consultores is a young Portuguese consulting company. Its foundation in 2021 resulted from its founder’s extensive experience in chemical engineering, bioenergy, circular economy and environmental sustainability, identifying the opportunity to add value to organizations in these areas. At C-GREEN we are driven by the future, envisioning a society in rapid transformation, but also increasingly focused on sustainability, due to its critical importance in the proper transition of the world to the next generations.

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Years of experience

We assume ourselves as agents of change and innovation in organizations

C-GREEN’s main mission is to propose smart solutions to support organizations, as fundamental agents of transformation of society, in order to conduct their activities in a more sustainable way, following a vision of future, with a focus on supporting organizations operating in the circular economy and energy sectors, mainly in the areas of biomass collection and transformation for production of bioproducts and bioenergy (bioeconomy).

Driven by the future and envisioning transformation

Catalyzed by smart solutions, for greater efficiency in resources usage, promoting environmental sustainability that supports a greener economy.

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What we do

We support organizations in the design and implementation of new processes and improvement of existing processes, promoting more efficient and more sustainable activities

Chemistry and Chemical Eng.

Chemistry plays a key role in the transition to a truly sustainable society…

Sustainability Certification (ISCC)

This certification system comprises two main models…

Circular (bio)economy & (bio)energy

The exploration of sustainable solutions within the circular (bio)economy and (bio)energy…

Continuous Process Improvement (Quality)

We have an integrated perspective on the quality and sustainability of organizations…

Strategic Business Management

We help to develop your business, through sustainable solutions and supported by the European Commission…

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